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Shampo Alla Caffeina!

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18/01/2005 - A caffeine extract has proved to be an effective ingredient in a topical hair loss prevention shampoo treatment, research suggests. Believed to be the only remedy to use this ingredient, the makers claim that huge concentrations can help prevent testosterone from damaging hair growth.






German hair care specialist Alpecin Cosmetic has been selling hair and scalp treatment on the German market since 1930. However, it wasn't until 2000 that the company started marketing its After Shampoo Liquid hair loss remedy with a caffeine derived active complex contained in the ingredients.

"The caffeine complex was added to the product following extensive testing in our own laboratories," said Dr. Adolf Klaenk, director of research and development at the Dr. Kurt Wolff research laboratories, part of Aplecin Cosmetic. "Since the product was launched we have been conducting more comprehensive studies with university of Jena, of which the full results are about to be published in dermatological specialist publications."


The study results have found that the active caffeine ingredient helps to regulate the effects of testosterone levels. Male pattern baldness is known to occur on individuals with a sensitivity to testosterone, causing damage to hair follicles that eventually leads to baldness.


The independent study at the University of Jena used hair samples from the scalps of young men entering into the first stages of hormone-related hair loss. The study relied on a hair organ culture that used four different types of testing samples. The first was a nutrient-based sample, the second a testosterone only sample, the third was a caffeine only sample and the fourth a mixture of caffeine and testosterone.


According to the research, the results showed that the samples containing the caffeine nutrient helped to stave off hair loss and encouraged new hair growth hair re-growth, while the sample that relied on testosterone only led to increased hair loss. But perhaps the most impressive was the testosterone and caffeine sample, which helped to prevent further hair loss.


The results showed that using the caffeine treatment average growth was increased by around 46 per cent and the life cycle of the hair was extended by 37 per cent, when compared to the control study.


A company spokesperson said that the treatment is believed to be the only one of its kind to use caffeine as an active ingredient to prevent the loss of hair in men.


One of the ironies of the study results is that many medical experts and trichologists recommend that excessive oral intake of caffeine substances can increase levels of DHT in the body, which have been proven to stimulate testosterone levels, which in turn leads to hair loss.


Dr. Klaenk points out that other active ingredient include zin and niacin that, when combined with caffeine extract, help to produce the overall results.


Alpecin Cosmetic is a household name in its native Germany with its range of products have been traditionally used to treat a host of scalp ailments ranging from dandruff to itchy or irritated scalps. However, in more recent years it has gained an increasing reputation for its hair loss treatment.


Currently the company is expanding the roll out of the product in Europe and the Middle East. In the mainstay European market existing markets other than Germany include Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Poland, however bigger markets such as the UK and France have proved difficult to penetrate due to the company's size.

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beh ma scusate lo sapete i motivi per cui il te verde è un anti dht? per la caffeina! cmq a parte gli scherzi non si sta parlando di caffe' espresso bensi' di lozioni a base di caffeina nel caso di Alpecin uno shampo come sempre non venduto in Italia come tanti altri prodotti validi come l'Ell Cranell Alfa.


Caffeine prevents hair loss, claim permalink

originally from Ananova: Quirkies, reBlogged by bev on December 10, 2004

Treating hair with caffeine products can stop men from going bald, according to a new German study.


Professor Peter Elsner, part of the team at the Jena University, said that the stimulant has the most effect on men whose hair roots were very sensitive to testosterone, one of the causes of hair loss.


But the research does not mean that coffee drinkers will be spared a bald head in later life, only those who smear it directly on their heads.


lo studio asserisce che la caffeina va intesa come uso topico (ecco il motivo dello shampo). comunque andrebbe bene anche oralmente ma la quantità necessaria per arrivare ai follicoli sarebbe pari a 60 tazzine di caffè da mandar giu!


in alternativa c'è una casa farmaceutica che ha fatto un buon integratore a base di caffeina, si chiama Vivarin ma non so se lo vendono in Italia. qui trovate tutte le info



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trovato: http://forum.salusmaster.com/index.php?sho...717&hl=caffeine



ahuahuahu ke fxxxta... ho fatto il test balding calculation sul sito dell'alpecin mi è risultato:


The balding calculator has determined the following result for you today:

Based on your information, you will most likely go bald at the age of 47 or have lost most of your hair.


Dr. Kurt Wolff Research has analyzed your information and used it to generate a forecast of your individual hair loss risk. You can do something against your hair loss. New findings from Dr. Kurt Wolff Research prove that you can effectively fight hereditary hair loss. We recommend the following care regimen to you:



se li perdo prima li posso citare x danni morali? ci resto male... :)

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