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Hi guys,

I just had surgery with Drs Woods and Campbell 2 weeks ago to repair previous transplant surgery and wanted to share my experience,so that anyone else thinking of going to Dr's Woods and Campbell knows what to expect.

I had 1000 grafts transplanted over 2 days,800 from the sides and back of my head and 200 grafts from my chest.

First day I arrived at the surgery at 9am and as it was immediately after New Year,there was only myself and Dr's Woods and Campbell there,so we had a nice relaxed start,coffee, biscuits etc.Then it was down to business,Dr Campbell cut the hair over the doner areas and then the 3 of us decided what had to be done.

Both Dr's were involved in extracting the grafts,which they were only to happy to show to me as we went along.This took maybe between 1 and 2 hours and then we broke for lunch.

After lunch Dr Woods took over and we got down to the business of placing the grafts.

I viewed the placing of every graft via extreme close up image on a TV moniter.

Virtually all grafts were placed with a 23 gauge needle.

Origionlly they were going to remove some of the old plugs near the temples on my hairline to remove the bowl shape of my old hairline,but by the time we finished up at


1am Dr Woods had decided against that and decided to give me a bit of a widows peak instead(which looks kind of neat).


2nd day we started at 10am.

Once again both Dr's were involved in extracting the grafts and then Dr Campbell took over.

Finished up at around 11pm.

Two weeks on I ABSOLUTLY cannot find where the grafts were taken from.Exception is my chest where the small red dots get smaller everyday.One thing that surprises me is that it appears quite a number of grafts continue to grow,as every day I can find new hair coming through the scalp and for the past week everything that was growing 1 week ago is still growing.Not sure if this hair will shed or will just keep on growing.Maybe someone else here knows the answer to this????????????....anyone??

At the moment it's kind of neat as I didn't expect any growth for 2 or 3 months.


I have to say that I found Dr Woods to be a slightly larger than life character who kept me amused the whole time I was there.I found both him and Dr Campbell to be extremly compassionate people who sincerely believe in what they're doing.I know this is hard to say about any surgery,but I enjoyed my 2 days with them very much.More importantly however,they are both skilled dedicated surgeons and I believe my decision to see them ranks as possibly one of the best ones I've ever made.

I can't say anymore than this of course until 6 months or so further down the track when I can see the results,but so far I have been extremly happy with how things have gone.


Things I liked:


a)minimally invasive extraction of donar hair.


b)no techs involved,the 2 dr's did the whole job.


c)able to use body hair.


d)no scarring


Things I didn't like:


a)can't think of any:+

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