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Fue: I Prezzi Cominciano A Scendere.

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#1 Diapason

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Inviato 17 aprile 2004 - 07:21

Da un forum americano:

"Hi Patriece, I just had the FUE (no strip of scalp removed but individual hair follicles removed from back and palced at temples). The Doc shaves a section of the back of my head so as to see the follicles better. They are "plucked" out, if you will, with a punch.....about every 4th hair or so, depends on the density of your scalp. I had left my hair grow so I could cover the bald spot until it grew back in, which is has. The temple hairs are also coming a chia pet, as Michaal says....LOL. I am thrilled, since I had given up hope. I've had 739 grafts taken from the back. This is hard to explain. My Doc charged about the same as he would for the regular strip method.....about $5 a graft.

Dr. Bradley Wolf, Cincinnati, Ohio. He and his staff are wonderful! I believe he trained with Shapiro.

This was for only 739 grafts imagine what he could get as a price if he did a mega session or two!
You can find it here:

http://www.faceforum...cgi?read=122647 "

Sul suo sito ( perņ i prezzi FUE non appaiono.

#2 raffa75

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Inviato 17 aprile 2004 - 07:30

speriamo dr wolf e' uno bravo?

#3 Diapason

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Inviato 17 aprile 2004 - 07:43

In america č un nome piuttosto conosciuto.
Dalle immagini dei suoi pazienti sembra un ottimo chirurgo, anche se non ho trovato delle foto post-op riguardanti interventi FUE.
Per le foto:

#4 curvadong

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Inviato 19 aprile 2004 - 10:36

Allucinante il trapianto dei baffi!!!!!!!!!! :supersorriso: :supersorriso: :supersorriso:

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