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Leg Hair In A Donor Scar

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#1 Aragorn

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Inviato 10 novembre 2003 - 07:27

Interessante che la transection di alcune u.f. abbia comunque permesso la ricrescita nei siti donatori.
Questo conferma quanto afferma Gho e darebbe luogo ad una FIT/FUE con percentuale di successo molto prossima al 100%.


This Photo shows leg hair growing in a donor scar 5 weeks after transplantation. Typically grafts are not expected to grow for 3 months. We find FIT hairs grow faster than strip harvested grafts.
we took grafts from both legs.
we sutured the recipient sites on one side and did nto suture them on the other side.
the sutured side was healing a little faster.
i'll get some more photos of the leg recipeint area on line also.
we missed a few grafts and you can see the hairs re-growing in the original recipient area.
it suggests that FIT results in a much higher yeild with less waste than strip harvesting.

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#2 Aragorn

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Inviato 10 novembre 2003 - 07:36

Questo un eccellente risultato di Feller.


I'm happy to announce that FUE IS a viable and preferable method of donor scar "repair".
While other excellent doctors have already established this, I am now satisfied that I can produce cosmetically significant results as well using pure FUE. Balloonman just visited for his 5 month follow up for scar FUE and his growth is excellent so far.
Rough guess is that about 65% of the grafts have taken and grown. Even though he is not fully matured, the benefits of the ONE procedure are UNQUESTIONABLE. I will be posting the photos tomorrow with the details so everyone may see for themselves.

Many of you know that I have been holding back on FUE until I could see MY OWN results, and so far I am VERY PLEASED.
Much more to come on FUE.
Dr. Feller

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#3 Karime

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Inviato 10 novembre 2003 - 10:08

...chi e' questo Dott. Feller?!? http://forum.salusma...tyle_emoticons/default/rolleyes.gif

#4 Aragorn

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Inviato 11 novembre 2003 - 09:55

E' uno dei chirurghi pi¨ rinomati negli states e riconosciuto come molto valido anche da molti tra i suoi colleghi.

Ciao :angry:

#5 Katetzu

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Inviato 11 novembre 2003 - 04:08

cn tutti questi americani uno nn sa a chi dar retta.under rimaniamo d'accordo per andare da hasson o facciamo scalo da feller a New York?ehehehehehehehehe

#6 rorin

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Inviato 11 novembre 2003 - 05:03

imbarrazzo della scelta

#7 Karime

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Inviato 11 novembre 2003 - 09:09

caspita 10 dollari a graft (min. 300)!

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