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International Society Follicular Unit Extraction

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#1 Aragorn

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Inviato 12 febbraio 2004 - 10:15

Announcing the International Society of FUE Surgeons (ISFUES)

The International Society of FUE Surgeons (ISFUES) was created to address the multiple phone calls coming from doctors all around the world asking us for information and guidance on the subject of FUE. This site was created for doctors, and is for the most part UNDER CONSTRUCTION. A patient ISFUES site is also being created.

The organization will become a central point of education, instrumentation, and data to physicians interested in performing FUE HT.

More details to follow.

Dr. Alan Feller and Dr. Rob Jones

International Society of Follicular Unit Extraction Surgeons (ISFUES)


Practice Survival may depend on FUE

FUE represents a revolution in the field of hair transplantation, and to ignore this fact is to get left behind and commit a painful career mistake from which recovery may be impossible.

As competition in the hair transplant field heats up, the ability to perform FUE on a practical basis may mean the difference between a thriving practice and a failed one.

Other than the ability to grab more donor area without a linear scar, FUE grants it's practitioners a credibility in the mind of the public that non-practitioners just can't match.

Even if a patient is considering a strip surgery, and not an FUE for his hair restoration, he will probably pick the FUE capable physician for his extreme ability and dedication.

The public is now aware of Follicular Unit Extraction and the demand for it is surging. Many patients who would never consider a strip procedure, for whatever reason, are booking for FUE surgery without hesitation, even though the cost tends to be higher and the graft count per surgery lower.

FUE has raised the bar of hair restoration surgery so much that the public is even beginning to vilify physicians who don't offer their patients the option of "scar free" surgery. There may be an ethical and legal point to be made here.

In some states it is law that a physician must fully inform patients of their surgical options, even if they themselves can't perform those surgeries. In essence, non-FUE physicians may be held accountable for not referring patients to those skilled in this new art.

Many doctors mistakenly believed that FUE was a passing phase and that it was too impractical to be considered a threat. These doctors were wrong, and are being proved so on a daily basis..

Dr. Jones, Dr. Feller, and now a handful of other doctors have been showing great results for over a year already. Just click on the gallery button of this site to view actual FUE results.

If you as a practitioner don't learn proper and practical FUE techniques now, you can bet that your competition will and your lack of this ability will no doubt be used against you.

Thankfully there is a way not to get left behind. ISFUES is dedicated to bringing FUE education to everyone. Membership gives qualified physicians the tools necessary to get started responsibly, ethically, and quickly.

#2 Aragorn

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Inviato 15 febbraio 2004 - 01:18

Anche Wong si prepara ad eseguire la FUE.
Come potete vedere, appartiene alla lista dei dottori iscritti all'associazione.

Current ISFUES Members:

Dr. Robert Jones-Toronto

Dr. Alan Feller-New York

Dr. Brad Wolfe-Ohio

Dr. Jerry Wong-Vancouver, BC

Dr. Richard Rogers-UK

Dr. Scott Alexander-Arizona

Dr. Steven Gable-Oregon

Ciao :babbonatale:

#3 El Funambolo

El Funambolo
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Inviato 15 febbraio 2004 - 01:38

bella notizia ;) Ma secondo te fra quanti anni si potranno avere delle documentazione adeguate su questa tecnica?Grazie

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