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Ishrs 11th Annual Meeting: NovitÓ Hair Cloning

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#1 Aragorn

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Inviato 13 novembre 2003 - 07:00

Nessuna novitÓ particolarmente entusiasmante.
Ciao :diavoletto:


Several individuals presented their views on cloning. The most enlightening with Dr. Gho. He presented work that shows stem cells are present on plucked hairs. He did not give us an insight into when we should expect a break through though. Dr. Unger stated that his research had not resulted in any new evidence and stated that his research with halted due to a lack of funding. He is precluded from releasing all his data though by his funding sponsor. Moon Kim presented his ideas on DNA micro-arrays. The lab of Jung Chul Kim in Taegu, Korea is attempting to map the genetic code for the hair. Thus far, they have identified 10,000 genes related to hair. Moon stated that they have cultured dermal papilla cells in the lab. They stated that dermal papilla cells immediately extracted from the scalp are different than cultured dermal papilla cells. This is perhaps why we have been unable to get cultured hair cells to grow. Ken Washenik presented an over view of clonnning. Angela Cristiano presented some interesting studies done by others and some of her work at Columbia University. He presented the work of Dr. Johoda that resulted in a hair removed from him that grew on his laboratory assistant, Amanda Reynolds. Dr. Washenik did not present any clues into the status of the research at his own lab. It appeared that either no one is talking or there has been limited advancement in this field.

Dr. Gho presented his work on hair multiplication. He showed a graft that had many hairs on the surface of the skin, but only one bulb in the deep subcutaneous fat. He stated that the other hairs were transected and left in the subcutaneous fat. He went on to state that all the hairs re-grew in the graft. He removes the grafts with a 21 guage needle. He also introduced the concept of pili-multigenesis. He stated that some times a graft that contains only 4 hairs may grow more than 4 hairs. He states that the density of his donor areas does not appear to be reduced using his technique, but he also limits the number of grafts removed to about 500. This is much less than we transplant. This limited number of grafts may be why he sees no affect on the density of the donor area. He believes that the hairs he transects and leaves in the donor region re-grow. It may be that the grafts he feels contain transected hairs may have telogen hairs and even early anagen hairs that are not visible on the surface of the skin. Telogen hairs reside in the lower dermis, which is opaque. This may be what is growing in the recipient area rather than transected hairs. We see many grafts that contain many hairs on the surface, but fewer bulbs in the subcutaneous fat. When we look at these closely under a microscope, we see that the graft contains many telogen hairs in addition to the limited number of hairs that are in anagen with bulbs located deeper in the subcutaneous fat.

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Inviato 02 dicembre 2003 - 07:34

Nessuna novitÓ particolarmente entusiasmante.
Ciao :babbonatale:

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Inviato 02 dicembre 2003 - 07:50

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