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Inviato 29 maggio 2003 - 08:50

Per chi volesse sottoporsi allo "Stato dell'arte" del trapianto, qualche informazione aggiuntiva dall'Austraulia.

Thank you for your enquiry regarding The Woods Technique of
Micro-follicular Hair Transplantation.
We are located in Sydney Australia only and there are no other doctors
in the world performing 'The Woods Technique'. Many of our clients
travel from all over the world to have this procedure and we do not
require biopsy before the procedure. Every person is a candidate as long
as there is hair to donate either from the back of the head, chest or

Our technique uses no scalpel, no stitches and no Strip Excision
scaring. We use no nurses or assistants during the procedure. Both Dr
Woods and Dr Campbell carry out the entire procedure using there many
years of surgical expertise. You are in their very capable hands from
start to finish, so you can be assured of the most perfect and natural
result. Our instrumentation is the finest used anywhere in the world and
the entire procedure is carried out using high-powered magnification.

We have been researching, developing and perfecting our procedure since
1989 and have been featured on Australian National Medical Television
documentaries in 1996 and 2000.

Dr Woods and Dr Campbell have perfected this technique over the past 12
years and have established an impeccable worldwide reputation. It is
the only procedure in the world which is interactive, where the client
can clearly see and be involved in the placement of their new hair. We
are also, to our knowledge, the only clinic worldwide not requiring the
client to sign legal disclaimers or waivers. This is due to the care
and attention given to each and every hair that is placed. As with
every client, at their own wish, we invite them to comment on their
experience with us and their results, in any public or private forum or
publication worldwide.

The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic. You are awake
during the procedure and can observe the placement of your hair with a
mirror or on high definition monitor if you wish. This assures you that
you will receive the result you desire.

The hair we transplant comes from the donor site at the back of the head
and will never fall out. It will continue to grow for the rest of you
life and you will not require any aftercare, lotions or medication to
promote growth. You can cut your hair as short as approx. 3 to 5 mm. We
only use a 21 & 23 gauge, hollow core hypodermic needle, (the same as
used in a blood test) to insert the grafts. This creates a slit instead
of the usual hole punch and does not cause any pitting, indentation or
scaring. You cannot tell the difference between the grafted hair and the
pre-existing hair. We also specialize in chest hair to head
transplants. Dr Woods and Dr Campbell are the only doctors in the world
successfully performing this innovative technique. It is particularly
suitable to those with depleted donor hair at the back of the head due
to previous strip excision surgery. Please advise if you would like more
information on the method.

The average cost for a 600 graft (approx. 1,200 hair) procedure starts
from US$8,200. If you require more than 2 procedures a price reduction
can be arranged. However, an accurate price can only be determined upon
consultation with Dr Woods or Dr Campbell by sending/emailing a photo of
the area required (showing eyebrows up only) and the donor site (back of
the head). If emailing photos please make sure that each photo is no
larger that 30 kb each otherwise we will not be able to open the file.
You should send a minimum of 2 photos and a maximum of 5 photos in each
email. If posting photos please write your name and phone number on the
back of the photo for easy reference and send them to Dr Woods and Dr
Campbell at 35 Stockton Avenue Moorebank Sydney NSW Australia 2170. A
telephone consultation can be arranged by phoning Dr Woods & Dr Campbell
direct on one of the following numbers: Surgery +612 9602 8019. Dr Woods
will discuss the procedure with you and give you an estimate of costs.

We are currently booked out for procedures until July 2003. Spaces are
strictly limited, it is advisable to go on our standby list.

Please be advised that due to our plans to train doctors in The Woods
Technique we plan to be overseas for 6 months sometime toward to later
part of 2003. Therefore if you would like to book a procedure for
August onward you will only be able to do so on the proviso that you are
able to travel to either Australia or to a country closer to the USA
which will be advised shortly. For more information please contact our
clinic to discuss this in more detail.

Included in the price for 2 or more procedures is your accommodation at
either our Beach House or Cremorne Villa, food and meals, airport
transfers and Beach Side clinic fee. Dr Woods, Dr Campbell and myself
will also be available at anytime should you need anything during your

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Wendy Roche

Clinical Consultant

The Woods Technique

+612 9602 8019

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